Perhaps for some, when they think about kitchen cabinetry, it’s somewhere you use to store or pile-up plates or other kitchenware. But to bluffly put it out here, kitchen cabinets are not just for storage. Kitchen cabinetry is one of the essential elements to every kitchen style especially when doing a remodel. As they say, cabinetry is a crown jewel that brings everything together. When you look at the trend in kitchen cabinets, you will observe that there has been no substantial shift in design over the last few years, or at least not as much as the other elements like flooring. Yet this is not to say there has been no evolution on kitchen cabinets over time

Today, there has been an upward trend towards a more simplified look that capitalizes on two things: simplicity and minimalism. In this year 2020, you can see two kinds of dominant styles– bold and simple, two opposite styles that somehow get their fair share of preferences from homeowners and business people alike. While we are noticing an increasing rise of simple and clean cabinetry, we can see that some still prefer bold and uniquely customized styles that will make for a clear statement. At the end of the day, to design a perfect kitchen, understanding your own preference and being able to incorporate the latest trends remain to be of paramount importance. 

As you plan on your perfect kitchen, here are some of the hottest trends that dominate kitchen cabinetry design in 2020.


While open shelves uncontestedly look beautiful in the magazines, let’s face it, it is not necessarily a “must-have” for most homeowners. Why? It impliedly has to come with a matching set of dinnerware on display. 

But with the right organization and shelves, you can create an equally unique edge for your kitchen. Today, open kitchen shelves style is becoming a hot trend. While it may take some getting used to not seeing closed-door wall cabinets, open shelving has its benefits. For one, it introduces a light and airy feel that gives off an illusion of more space which is especially great for smaller kitchens. It’s also efficient in the sense that you can immediately see and grab what you need without taking the time to open the cabinet doors and look inside. However, seeing everything out in the open, this also calls for us to be more mindful and conscious of every item we place on the shelves as every bowl, glass or utensil has an impact on the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.


Today, homeowners are now geared towards style that builds character and personality or one that makes a bold statement. When thinking of designs, most want to translate their personality through it and color is one of the most effective ways to do just that. A different color of paint on your cabinets can make all the difference and can make it stand out from the rest. Manufacturers have been one of the first to take notice of this too so most have already teamed up with various paint companies to provide a wide variety of colors for you to take inspiration.

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, most homeowners opt for customized colors that complement with their kitchen space. For some, neutral colors are their top favorites with tones like gray, yellow and soft greens. For some, black, navy, and emerald green have also been the high-end allure many of them desire. 

Basically, homeowners are now seeking out colors that not only stand out but also complements their kitchen and represents their personalities. Now, if you order custom-made cabinets, you can now choose any color you want. But if you already have cabinets and just want to renovate them, you either get a professional painter or just get ready for some extensive DIY project.


During the early 90’s, the use of Oak Wood as the primary wood material was very popular. However, they declined over time  due to the more popular use of veneer and painted MDF in cabinet door construction. Despite its decline, Oak Wood has been gaining attention lately due to many homeowners seeking connection to their past as well as the rise of trend in vintage designs not just on kitchens but on the styles of the houses as well. 

Aside from the vintage look it offers, Oak woods’ appeal comes from its neutral color, deep dimension and texture as well as its balance blending property in cabinetry designs. This versatile property is captured best when installed in seaside or french cottages that capitalizes on clean, modern and simplistic or the common rustic ambiance of a cottage or house. Moreover, the use of Oak Woods elevates the quality feel of the cabinetry. Many consider the aesthetic of the oak wood as pleasing to eyes as well its impression of reliability and durability.


Transitional styling remains to be the all-conforming and mainstay style in all cabinetry designs. It is a balanced design created from the warmth of the traditional and contemporary designs. Hence, this cabinetry design can be the combination of natural stone-look tiles with gleaming white walls or a match between wood wainscoting and modern leather and glass furniture. This cabinetry design style ranges from the subtle to the dramatic genre. For instance, you can install a Euro style wood cabinetry and place it in a pre-war ornamented wall or  a match between ornate chandeliers above marble countertops. If you want a design that mixes both traditional, minimalistic, and contemporary design elements in a cabinetry design, Transitional Cabinetry Styling is for you!


The minimalism trend has also influenced Kitchen Cabinetry designs. The adoption of minimalism in almost every design across all industries is due to its clean and simple aesthetics. This type of design is usually seen as the complete opposite of traditional cabinetry styles that focus on intricate and complicated ornate designs. Minimalistic designs often highlights smooth edge profiles and simple clean lines offering only the toned down and simplest of design elements. This type of design is often used in modern styled kitchens.