Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling

Most of you will probably begin with some espresso or invigorating breakfast to begin your day. After a stressful work or school, you will probably expect to go home and have a hearty meal to end the day. That is why the kitchen is believed to be the most important part of a house partly because it is the center of your day-to-day living. Aside from being your energy lab, the kitchen also serves as a place where families, close friends, and guests socialize, eat, and cook together. It not only becomes a place that ties your home together, but it also ties your loved ones together. Investing in a functional and beautiful kitchen will obviously yield various benefits. For individuals who prefer home-cooked meals, a well-designed kitchen will likely allow you to not just create healthy and delicious food but it also allows your entire cooking process to be efficient due to either good kitchen layout or well-planned multi-functional kitchen. For families or parents who want to bond over meal prepping or throughout the entire cooking process, a functional and child-friendly kitchen will likely help in providing a safe space for children to help you. Thus, investing in your kitchen is seen to be an investment for your health and happiness.  How do you assess whether your kitchen is well designed or is needed to be remodeled? In Kitchen Remodeling Brooklyn NY, anything about kitchen remodeling is our expertise. Here, we first look at three key areas that we believe should be present in your kitchen. 

Efficient Kitchen Layout and Floor Plan

Our expert designing team believes that positioning of the three most important elements in any kitchen layout is key when it comes to designing an exemplary and efficient kitchen layout. These elements are the stove, the refrigerator, and the sink or what is professionally known as the Kitchen Work Triangle. A good kitchen layout will allow you to move easily between the three while cooking. It is also advisable that your kitchen layout has enough space in order to accommodate any kitchen traffic or other persons cooking alongside some else in order to prevent both of them from bumping each other. Our designing team consistently advises our clients to create this work triangle. This setup is not only helpful when you do cooking chores but also when it comes to kitchen cleaning. Doing both when using the kitchen becomes a taxing task if you need to run around due to poorly designed layout. 

Multi-functional Kitchen

Today, a kitchen is not only seen as a place where you create meals but is also considered as a socializing space. Hence, in Kitchen Remodeling Brooklyn NY, we try to make your kitchen layout as well as the appliances inside it more versatile than solely utilitarian.  Our expert team of designers consistently goes for an open, inviting, and if possible can accommodate cooking and entertainment. Here, we try to incorporate functionalities and extra utility in traditional areas found inside your kitchen. For instance, we will extend your kitchen top with an Island Kitchens with seatings in order to create a multipurpose area not just a meal prepping area but a socializing space for your family, friends or guests. 

Cupboard Space Allocation

Most kitchen designers and remodeling contractors often overlook the significance of cupboard space allocation or even their positioning. In Kitchen Remodeling Brooklyn NY Remodeling, we believe that this key area is an essential factor in creating an efficient kitchen floor plan. We put primacy in preference of how this kitchen space should be designed. It is advisable that your cupboard layout be organized according to how you use the space. This where preference of the items you commonly and frequently use are being taken into consideration. A well- allocated and designed cupboard will likely improve your kitchen experience.  Does your kitchen lack one of these key elements? We at Kitchen Remodeling Brooklyn NY kitchen remodeling got your back. In doing kitchen remodeling we usually have a minimum of four (4) standard procedures.  Step 1: Assessing your needs, wants and resources. Here, we look at:
  1. What are the areas in your kitchen that you want to remodel?
  2. Are the identified changes feasible?
  3. How much are you willing to spend given the changes that you want? 
These three questions are our common inquiries to you when you opt for our service. We always make sure that we have communicated to your the necessary things that should be considered when doing a kitchen remodeling including your expectation.  Step 2: Designing and Planning: With the realistic mindset and expectation we have for the project, we will proceed in first designing the changes you want to create in your kitchen and planning on how to execute them. Here we’ll look at the specifics down to the last details necessary for your kitchen upgrade.  Step 3: Design Execution. In this phase, legal requirements such as Building permits are needed in order to pursue this phase. Also, aside from the permits, procurement of necessary materials, and equipment needed for the project, labour and manpower resources is the most essential factor during this phase. As your Kitchen Remodeling contractor, we assure you, our partners, that we are employing the best talents and experts in executing your project.  Step 4: Project Assessment- Inspections and Last Touces Our team, and you, our client will have a workthrough on the all the details of the project. This will also allow both of our parties to inspect and review whether all the agreed upgrades are put into place and whether there was a satisfactory delivery of the upgrade.
Kitchen Remodeling

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